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Bruton shows off his command of French on campaign for 'Oui'

RICHARD Bruton displayed the Norman roots of his family name yesterday when he broke into fluent French.

The Jobs Minister faced questions from a French radio journalist about the referendum and immediately responded in her language.

"Pour nous, la stabilite de cette choix, c'est tres importante," he said.

("For us, the stability of this choice is very important.")

Needless to say, this led to further questions to Richard from the Irish media about such cosmopolitan matters as Finian McGrath's attack on the "Yuppie Yes brigade".

Richard was pressed on how the middle-class area of Griffith Avenue in his own constituency would vote.

"Il y a des gens de Griffith Avenue qui disent 'Oui' et des gens qui disent 'Non'; mais la majorite, je crois, disent 'Oui'," he replied.

("There are people living on Griffith Avenue who say 'Yes' and people who say 'No', but the majority, I think, say 'Yes'.")

Irish Independent