Friday 19 January 2018

Brother of man lying dead for weeks has 'no grudge'

Mark O'Regan

Mark O'Regan

THE brother of a man whose body was discovered in his home weeks after his death holds no grudge against neighbours for not checking sooner on his brother's well-being.

Philip Knight (52) was found dead on Monday evening after gardai forced their way in to his property.

The alarm was raised by Mr Knight's next-door neighbour on the Charlton Hill estate in New Ross, Wexford, after a foul smell was noticed coming from the house.

Originally from Southall in west London, the separated father of Christopher (22) and Jessica (17) relocated to Ireland six years ago to start life afresh.

Speaking to the Irish Independent from his home in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, his brother David Knight said his sibling "absolutely loved Ireland" but became severely depressed after "the love of his life" died six years ago.

Philip Knight had an Irish partner called Jackie. They met in the UK but she died of breast cancer six years ago.

Mr Knight then went to live in Wexford working with his deceased partner's father doing kitchen fittings.


"He's been depressed for a number of years. The death of Jackie absolutely devastated him," his brother said.

And while his brother's body wasn't discovered for a number of weeks, Mr Knight insists he holds no animosity towards people in the area for not noticing sooner that something was awry.

"The neighbours didn't alert anybody immediately because they were quite accustomed to seeing him go off with a backpack and not come back for a couple of weeks.

"I have no animosity towards anybody over any issue."

Mr Knight said walking into his brother's home on Wednesday was one of the hardest things he had ever done.

"The game he was playing on his laptop was still up and running and his radio was still playing music. It was as though he just walked out of the room for a second and was about to walk back in again.

"The cremation took place on Wednesday and that was on the advice of the authorities.

"I took his two kids and my sister, along with one of her kids," said Mr Knight.

Although they hadn't spoken for three years, the siblings used to be very close, he said.

"We spent many years moving in the same circle of friends but he detached himself from his immediate family for many years. It was a difficult situation but I loved my brother dearly," he added.

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