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Monday 20 May 2019

Brooks' fans 'out of pocket' after show cancellations

Darragh Collins

Fans of Garth Brooks have continued to express their dismay at yesterday’s news that all his gigs have been axed.

Around 40,000 people have been put out after five of his proposed Croke Park gigs were cancelled.

Huge Brooks fan Marie Doherty from Antrim said she had high hopes of seeing the country singer again, having been in awe of his last time he played in Croker.

“I’m a huge fan of Garth Brooks. I was in Croke Park the last time he was here and we have been working our summer holiday around the concert,” she said.

“ We were actually staying in Ashbourne and had accommodation booked and now I’ll have to cancel accommodation and hope that Ticketmaster will refund us for the tickets.”

Her sister Bridget Graham echoed her feelings when she explained that she will also be down money from her tickets purchased.

“I actually didn’t get my tickets online and I didn’t pay face value for them, in fact I paid a lot more for them. Ticketmaster will return the money but I will be out of pocket.”

Dublin native Christopher Grace said he thinks less of Brooks after the ongoing fiasco.

“I think it’s a question of greed on his part. Originally there were only three shows. It’s nothing to do with the fans or the money that they’re going to lose or the money that our economy will lose because of his visit, it’s all about money and greed and selfishness. I put the blame on Garth Brooks himself.”

On the topic of the economy, the point has been stressed that the Dublin City economy will suffer as a result of the cancellation with many hotels and bars missing out on much needed revenue.

Taxi driver David Hynes said he and his colleagues are missing out on a much needed financial boost.

“Well obviously we won’t be getting the fare over the five days, because there was a large contingency of people coming from abroad, which is a knock on affect and we’re going to lose that work," he said.

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