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Broken lines on runway led to planes' near-miss

MISLEADING lines on a poorly marked Dublin Airport runway need to be urgently removed to prevent a serious accident, a safety watchdog said yesterday.

The Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) made the call after a preliminary report found that two aircraft had been travelling the wrong way on the tarmac of the airport earlier this month.

The incident, which happened at 9.55am on January 5, saw an Airbus A320 plane taxi head-on into two other approaching planes. According to the report, both planes followed a broken yellow line for a disused taxiway.

The pilot of the first plane said that he had stopped his aircraft when he saw the A320 ahead, before correcting his course. The pilot of the second plane said he had also followed the broken lines before rejoining the right taxiway.

Tom Moloney, of the AAIU, said yesterday: "This problem should be amended as soon as possible."

Irish Independent