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Broadcaster won't release gender pay gap data


Stock photo: PA

Stock photo: PA

Stock photo: PA

RTÉ has refused to release details of its gender pay gap because it could be "injurious" and "would not serve the public interest".

The station rejected a request by this newspaper to publish a breakdown of its male and female staff's earnings in various pay brackets under Freedom of Information legislation.

However, the station decided to bring forward the publication of what its highest paid broadcasters were earning two years ago recently following controversy.

It has been under fire since 'Six One' newsreader Sharon Ní Bheoláin revealed she earns up to €80,000 less than her co-anchor Bryan Dobson, after the BBC published a detailed breakdown of its pay figures.

Education correspondent and chair of the NUJ's Dublin Broadcasting Branch Emma O'Kelly said her employer "should have nothing to fear" and release the information, which she also requested.

In a response to the Irish Independent's request, the head of statutory compliance, Dr Anne O'Connor, said: "I am sorry but I must refuse your request."

She said this was because an independent review is under way to "fully understand" if there are gender-related pay disparities.

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