British journalist comes under fire for baffling remarks on abortion referendum media coverage

Boris Johnson's oldest sibling Rachel Photo: Ian West/PA

Rachel Farrell

British journalist Rachel Johnson has come under fire on Twitter after making baffling remarks about the media coverage of the abortion referendum.

Also known for being British politician Boris Johnson's younger sister, Ms. Johnson took to Twitter to thank Sky News for their coverage on the Eighth Amendment in Ireland yesterday.

Demonstrators at The March for Choice in Dublin, a demonstration demanding change to Ireland's strict abortion laws. Photo: Tom Honan/PA Wire

However, her gratitude for the coverage "in mainland UK" with coverage in "clear English not Gaelic" has angered many Irish Twitter users.

"Huge praise to Beth Rigby and Kay Burley of Sky News who produced world class award winning reporting every step of the way of this powerful and moving and divisive story..."

"...and also helped comprehension (in mainland UK) by speaking in clear English not Gaelic throughout."

People were quick to clarify that Ireland is not part of the UK and questioned where the Irish-spoken coverage could be found.

Irish journalist Naomi O'Leary said: "Assuming you mean Irish or Gaeilge, which Irish journalists did you observe speaking Irish on British TV? When?

"If you just mean journalists speaking English with an Irish accent, that is insulting on several levels. Our language is not called Gaelic."

Another Twitter user said: "Ireland is not a part of the U.K. at all so the "mainland U.K." comment is very misinformed and a political faux-pas in the extreme. Just a heads up. Also we don't speak Gaelic, it's Gaeilge, and all reporting would be in English regardless."

More than 350 journalists from across the globe were accredited to attend the official count in Dublin Castle yesterday.

Alongside Sky News, reporters from CNN, The New York Times and Al Jazeera were also among the media present.