Tuesday 17 September 2019


John Comyn

As I said a couple of weeks ago, Westmanstown Sports Centre is easily the best Bridge venue in the country - and we are back there again on September 21 and 22 for Duais An Uachtarain, or the President's (Neil Burke) Prize.

We had some confusion recently about this venue and I am still totally in the dark about what went awry. That as it may be, Neil is in home territory for his prize - and I have no doubt he will attract a record attendance to the one place which can cope comfortably with almost any number of Bridge players.

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Inter B and novices are also catered for in a one-session event on the second day starting at 11am.

How often do you hear a player saying plaintively to a partner that holding 16hcp, he had to double?

Well here's a hand which echoed Nick FitzGibbon's famous remark "And who did you think you were playing against?"

Bidding (all not vul)


You know, I'd really love to know where S thought he could get four tricks. If you don't have trump tricks, don't double - unless you think that you are playing against fools.

Contract, of course, is stone cold, especially since E knows where everything is. And that's another reason not to double.


♠ 72

♥ 8543

♦ J65

♣ Q642


♠ Q1086♠ KJ9543

♥ J7♥ A1092

♦ A1032♦ K7

♣ K105♣ 7


♠ A

♥ KQ6

♦ Q984

♣ AJ983

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