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Sunday 17 December 2017

Brendan Ogle in his own words

ESB group of unions' secretary Brendan Ogle
ESB group of unions' secretary Brendan Ogle

On media attention:

I hate the attention and if people don't believe that they just need to get over themselves.

On his biggest extravagance:

I like to travel and go to football matches. I like to go and see Barcelona and I like to go and see Celtic once or twice a year.On his sensitive side:

I get upset and emotional on a daily basis. At people being hurt. It could be anything, unfairness, the lack of empathy that's out there for other people. I could be listening to the radio to someone telling their story and I could be in tears in the kitchen.

On that Eirigi video in which he said ESB workers were spoiled:

It was the end of 2011, we had just gone into the bailout. The country was seething with anger and as a citizen I was seething too. I got up and I let go and my anger poured out. But it has to be seen in the context of where we were at time. I was angry because we had all been made fools of, by our politician leaders who by some degree we trusted and by the opinion-formers and I again blame the print media who cheer-led the boom.

On the people who are destroying the country:

Richie Boucher wrecked the country on around €800,000 a year and they passed the debts on to the rest of us. What they done was worse for this country than ESB workers and managers together putting the lights out for a year.

On the power he holds to grind the economy to a halt:

I don't feel powerful. An abuse of power does not occur when somebody who is right vindicates their right.

On where he learned to dig his heels in:

I won't just turn over for an easy passage. My father has a real stubborn streak and I definitely got that from him. Why should we all not just beat ourselves up, cave in, collapse, take what we are given, well I tell you if we all just do that there will be no end to what we will be asked to give.

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