Monday 19 August 2019

Boyfriend of murdered Irish student Nicola Furlong slams attacker's partying lifestyle

James Blackson with Snopp Dogg, inset, Nicola Furlong
James Blackson with Snopp Dogg, inset, Nicola Furlong
James Blackston/ rapper
James Blackston
Nicola Furlong
Dancer James Blackston, aka James 'King Tight' Jamari Blackstone
The late Nicola Furlong
Angie Furlong with Nicola, who was murdered in Tokyo Newsdesk Newsdesk

The boyfriend of murdered Irish student Nicola Furlong (21) has criticised the short prison sentence received by the the man who sexually assaulted her friend - after pictures appeared online of the convicted sex attacker partying with A-list stars.

James “King Tight” Blackston served just three years at a Japanese prison, and has since been seen partying with hip hop legend Snoop Dog.

James Blackston/ rapper
James Blackston/ rapper

Nicola’s boyfriend, Danny Furlong, says “not a day goes by” where he doesn’t think about what happened to Nicola and her friend.

Nicola (21), a DCU student, was on an exchange programme in Tokyo when she was strangled to death in a hotel room. Her blood tested positive for two drugs that have been implicated in date rape cases. Tokyo District Court ruled that US musician Richard Hinds strangled Miss Furlong when she regained consciousness to keep her quiet.

The court heard how he carried the unconscious student to his hotel room, after a Nicki Minaj concert. Nicola’s friend was sexually assaulted by Blackston in a taxi after meeting the men at the concert.

Danny and Nicola, childhood sweethearts, had planned to jet off to the sun together once she had returned from her college-organised student exchange in Japan. Instead, the footballer was one of the pall-bearers at Nicola's funeral.

 “I really don’t think they got what they deserved to be honest,” Danny told the Irish Daily Star.

“But at the same time, whatever I say isn’t going to make any difference as to what happened to them.”

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it.”

“No-one should have had to go through what they went through and I wish there was something more done about it, but that is just the way everything went.”

Hinds was ordered to serve no fewer than five years but no more than 10 in a Japanese prison, while Blackston was released after three years this September.

Blackston recently preached on how to be a good man on his Instagram page. He also posted a photo with rapper Snoop Dogg at a party, and he lectures his followers on how to follow God.

“As a man, the aim is balance. You want to be secure enough to be vulnerable, strong enough to display gentleness, wise enough to heed advice and treasure prudence… and the rest will come.”

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