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Wednesday 25 April 2018

Bottler's back after star's health scare


Bottler is making a comeback. The naughty overgrown schoolboy in his classic uniform created by comedian Brendan Grace is about to make us giggle a little more.

The 58-year-old entertainer plans to re-issue all Bottler's albums and video in new CDs and DVDs this year.

Grace remarked how all our former Taoisigh have been pals of Bottler.

"In fact Charlie Haughey always called me 'Bottler' never 'Brendan'. His grown-up children do the same now," he said.

Grace spoke while recovering from a health scare which resulted in one of his toes being amputated.

The comedian, who developed type II diabetes in 1994, was rushed to hospital last December with a diabetes-related foot infection but after undergoing surgery was able to make a full recovery.

Since then, the Irish cabaret star has been convalescing at his home in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he has been looked after by his wife of 37 years, Eileen.

Despite the trauma of surgery, Grace hasn't lost his sense of humour.

"I know you'd love me to say it was my left foot but it was actually the right one giving me trouble. I had surgery in the Blackrock Clinic and it left me without a toe. I said goodbye to one of my little piggies," he said.

The Dublin stage star stressed that despite the amputation, his balance or ability to walk, has not been affected and that he only had himself to blame.

"It was completely my own fault. I just didn't pay attention to the blood sugars and that's what happens with diabetics. You have to be vigilant and watch the feet and the eyes," he said.

While Grace was lucky not to lose his foot, other diabetics haven't been as fortunate.

In 2008 alone there were 338 amputations carried out on diabetic patients, yet 80pc could have been prevented.

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