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Bottler Reilly getting in touch with feminine side

James 'Bottler' Reilly was wearing a nice bit of slap for his big policy launch yesterday.

Bottler was caked in it so he would look his best on the telly, and FG have all their bigwigs wearing make up for their daily press conferences.

But it's especially good to see Bottler -- the party's deputy leader -- getting in touch with the auld feminine side.

He's up against stiff competition in the glam stakes amongst the other seconds in command of the various parties.

Bottler's FF counterpart, Mary Hanafin, has suggested a televised debate between all the deputy leaders.

So that means it would be the "prim aunt" from Dun Laoghaire, Joan Burton, the Greens' Mary White, Mary Lou from the Shinners and, er, Bottler Reilly from the Blueshirts.

We can just see it now: four lovely ladies debating the finer points of policy with the fulminating bearded beast of Dublin North. With or without make-up, the infamous Bottler Reilly can only lose that one.

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