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Tuesday 12 November 2019

Born weighing just 1lb each, thriving Ivy and Jo now get to go home

Reunited twins Jo and Ivy Good on their first night at home together
Reunited twins Jo and Ivy Good on their first night at home together
Little Jo Good prior to her brain operation
Mum Linda Good cradles the feet of her newborn twins Ivy and Jo
Tiny twins Jo (smiling) and Ivy

Brendan White

TWINS who weighed just 1lb each when they were born prematurely have been brought home.

And delighted mother Linda Good said it is “amazing” to be at home with her daughters, who were born at just 27 weeks in January.

Tiny Ivy and Jo needed life-saving treatment following their birth and their mother could not hold them until 24 days after labour.

The average child at birth weighs between 6lb and 8lb.

After a stay in Temple Street Children’s Hospital lasting 96 days, Linda and dad Richard have finally brought the twins back to their Cork home.

“It was amazing to be home. I remember looking into the cot and thinking ‘look there’s two’, and then the fun began,” Linda told the Herald.

“On day three in the hospital they didn’t think Jo would survive. At that stage we were called and the hospital called a priest and she was blessed.

“But looking at her you wouldn’t know, because she’s a very bright and very alert newborn.

“But she’s now feeding by herself, breathing by herself and making eye contact.”

Jo was the sicker of the twins, and spent more than two weeks in a ventilator. Bleeding in the brain led to hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid on the brain.

“It really was touch and go at the start. I didn’t get to hold Ivy for seven days, and didn’t get to hold Jo for three weeks,” Linda said.

“Jo was in a ventilator for 17 days and Ivy was in for about 13 or 14 days.

“It was 24 days after they were born that I held them for the first time together.

“Jo had quite a severe bleed in her brain, a grade three on one side, and a grade four on the other.

“An MRI scan was very negative, and the doctors always get you to prepare for the worst.

“But they are both at home now, thankfully, and they are doing very well.”

The family featured on last night’s episode of Temple Street Children's Hospital on TV3.

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