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Booksellers tell of overwhelming demand for 'The FitzPatrick Tapes'

COPIES of a book on the former head of Anglo Irish Bank Sean FitzPatrick have been flying off the shelves, according to a leading bookseller.

There has been an overwhelming demand for 'The FitzPatrick Tapes' by 'Sunday Times' journalists Tom Lyons and Brian Carey after publishers Penguin Ireland took the highly unusual step of hand-delivering the book on Sunday. Penguin Ireland publisher Michael McLoughlin said bookshops were only alerted to the impending publication as late as Friday.

And even then buyers didn't discover the title or subject of the book until it was delivered after it was feared that the Director of Public Prosecutions would take out an injunction banning publication over concerns it might jeopardise any future prosecution against the disgraced banker, he said.

Since then booksellers have been struggling to keep up with demand, despite the book's €19 price tag.

Maria Dickenson, head of purchasing at Easons, said:"There has been huge demand for this book since it went on sale yesterday. Several Easons stores have had to re-order the title less than 24 hours after it went on sale," she said.

"There is a lot of interest from the public and we expect this trend to continue.

"People have a deep interest in finding out what really went on during the banking crisis."

Irish Independent