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Bond baddie reveals that he's no fan of his own movies


Steven Berkoff outside the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

Steven Berkoff outside the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

Berkoff as General Orlov

Berkoff as General Orlov


Steven Berkoff outside the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

Award-winning actor Steven Berkoff has described working on block buster films such as 'Octopussy' and 'Rambo: First Blood Part II' as "hot dog work".

Berkoff, who played the part of Soviet General Orlov in the 1983 Bond film, believes action packed films provoke little, if any, intellectual thought or conversation.

"I call it hot dog work," he told the Irish Independent.

"It's pop culture; it's fun but it doesn't enlighten us, it doesn't enhance us, it doesn't inspire us. It fills in the time when you are slouched on the sofa, stuffing a hot dog down your throat. Hot dog work."

Working on such films, however, enables Berkoff (77) to develop his own projects. "I'm stuck in my trailer for hours so I spend that time writing my own shows."

Berkoff is in Dublin this week with acclaimed theatre show 'The Actor's Lament' which runs at the Gaiety Theatre till September 6.

The production premiered at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival in 2013 and has been described as "a glorious, iambically elegant rant" about "the bizarre lives of actors and the madness they are, at times, prone to."

"It's quite a provocative piece," Berkoff said. "It has a go at directors, who are the bane of an actors life."

Berkoff has performed in Ireland on countless occasions and believes we possess one of the most dynamic theatre scenes in the world.

"Irish theatre makers like a little bit of provocation and 'stirring up the soup'," he said.

"I have just finished writing a theatre show called 'Death in Gaza' and I think the only place I can stage it is Ireland because Irish people can handle controversy and they like daring theatre shows."

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