Saturday 25 January 2020

Bon viveur inspired fans with his own battle of bulge

Ken Sweeney

GERRY Ryan was known as a lover of fine food and fine wine -- and enjoyed the high life throughout his glittering career.

Keeping in trim was an uphill struggle for the 53-year-old, who called one chapter in his autobiography, published last year, 'Fine Dining' and joked that the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin, was his "canteen".

But Ryan also did his best for those struggling with hectic modern lifestyles and his 'Operation Transformation' show was an inspiration to many.

"I'm exactly the kind of person who should be paying attention to this programme. I drink too much. I eat the wrong type of food. I do everything you're not supposed to do," Ryan said while presenting the show this year.

Yet, in recent times, the broadcaster had managed to shed a stone in two months by taking his own slimming advice.

"The best way to stop putting on weight is to eat less. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I've already started -- small changes over the last couple of months have led to substantial differences and I've lost a stone," he said, after admitting he had also bought himself a rowing machine after Christmas.

Back in 2007 he revealed he was using slimming pills to help him beat the battle of the bulge.

The RTE broadcaster had claimed to have lost two stone since he started taking the controversial diet tablet Reductil.

An anti-obesity medicine, it aids weight loss by enhancing feelings of fullness after eating.

"The pills kick in after the second burger to let you know you have had enough," said Ryan. "Reductil works by telling your brain that your body is full, so it has been very effective for me.

"I have lost two stone so far and I have another five days go before my three-month course is finished. I now weigh 14 stone and for a 50-year-old, 5ft 11in man, that's not so bad," he said in the 2007 interview.

Ryan decided to go for the slimming pill option because he had a problem knowing when to stop eating.

"Now when I am eating a meal, I feel fuller more quickly," he said. "The trick is now to keep it up when I go off them."

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