Thursday 23 November 2017

Bogus sign campaign streets ahead of postcode system

One of the 'guerrilla marketing' signs mistaken for new postal codes in Dublin
One of the 'guerrilla marketing' signs mistaken for new postal codes in Dublin

Kevin Keane

DUBLIN City Council has instructed a company behind a series of fake street signs to remove them.

One hundred and fifty blue placards have been put up on buildings alongside regular street signs as part of a 'guerrilla marketing' campaign by sat-nav company Garmin.

They mimic genuine street signs and give precise coordinates for their locations.

According to Garmin spokesperson Anthony Chmarny, the council contacted the company's Irish software providers Loc8 Code earlier this week with their request.

"They were asking for them to be taken down and set a deadline of within the next four weeks, but this is a very short-lived campaign and we intend to get them all down before Christmas anyway."

Mr Chmarny said the stunt had drawn attention to the fact that Ireland is the only EU country without a postal code system.

"It has raised an issue that the Irish people are facing because it is all about getting from A to B in the easiest way and the quickest of time," Mr Chmarny said.

A new postcode system is not expected to be in place until the end of 2011.

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