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Wednesday 18 July 2018

Bobby gives baths protest bigger splash at Clontarf

The Baths at Clontarf. Photo: Steve Humphreys
The Baths at Clontarf. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Ian Begley

Locals stripped down to their bathing suits in protest over the closure of the Clontarf Baths.

Despite the rain, up to 40 north Dublin residents assembled outside the iconic baths to highlight the facility's continued closure to public swimmers.

Broadcaster and businessman Bobby Kerr was among the crowd and plunged into the cold water, becoming the first person to swim in the baths since their redevelopment.

Mr Kerr was interviewing the owner of the facility, David Cullen, for his Newstalk show 'Down To Business'. While he was there, he decided to take a dip.

"I decided I wanted to have a swim and waived my insurance liability on air as they cannot get anyone to give them insurance," he said.

"The pool has not been chlorinated and it is not yet ready for public use but I said I would take my chances as I occasionally swim in the Forty Foot."

Reports suggest they may be open to swimming clubs by the end of April, but that it will take longer to open them to the public.

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