Saturday 16 December 2017

Billboard owners vow to fight ban

Fiona Ellis

THE owners of illegal billboards along motorways have vowed to "fight tooth and nail" against the decision to remove them.

Yesterday Galway County Council announced a clampdown on unauthorised billboards that are situated on private lands beside the M6 Galway-to-Dublin motorway.

The hoardings are temporary and are usually truck trailers parked with permission -- and for a fee -- on land along the motorway.

"No planning permissions have been granted and it is the council's policy that advertising signs will not be permitted along roads in rural areas outside the boundaries of towns and villages," a council spokesman said yesterday.

But the new enforcement orders have been criticised by businesses.

Tom Lynskey, director of M6 Car Auctions, advertises his new business on a truck body along the motorway. He has had the billboard in place for the last four months. "If we are forced to take it down, we will lose business so we'll fight tooth and nail against the decision," he said.

Mr Lynskey pays €1,000 a year to a farmer to let him put his advertisement on his land in prime position facing the motorway. He paid €700 to buy the truck body and €600 to pay for the sign.

This is in stark contrast to the prices paid to advertise on a permanent billboard where costs can run up to €500 a week.

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