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Bill Clinton hopes to visit Ireland as part of Hillary's global fundraising campaign


Bill Clinton coming to Ireland

Bill Clinton coming to Ireland


Bill Clinton coming to Ireland

Former US President Bill Clinton is expected to make an impromptu visit to Ireland as part of his wife Hillary's presidential fundraising campaign.

Democrats Abroad Ireland say there is a possibility both Clintons will come here, if it can be fitted into what will be a hectic pre-election schedule.

The group's chairman, TJ Mulloy, said a trip to London is already part of an outline itinerary, and it is anticipated Bill will use this opportunity to add a fundraising event in Dublin.

The visit would provide an obvious boost in trying to woo the Irish-American vote in the election, and he stressed there is a "strong incentive" for both husband and wife to come here.

Democrats Abroad is the official overseas arm of the party for US citizens who are not living in America.

"I think at the very least Bill will also squeeze in a visit to Ireland," Mr Mulloy told the Irish Independent. "It could be in June next year - and we might also see the candidate herself coming here."

He pointed out that the number of US multinationals here create a particular link between Ireland and the US.

In 2007, Bill Clinton attended a €1,600-a-head fundraising event for Hillary at the south Dublin home of solicitors Brian and Linda O'Shea Farren, as part of Mrs Clinton's unsuccessful 2008 campaign for the Democratic nomination.

Mrs O'Shea Farren said if asked she's "ready, able and willing" to host a similar event this time round.

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