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Big support for euro as 76pc say 'stick with currency'

A SUBSTANTIAL number of voters -- three out of every four -- want Ireland to stay in the euro, the Irish Independent Millward Brown Lansdowne poll reveals.

Against the backdrop of instability in Greece and the threat to kick that country out of the euro, Irish voters want to stay in the single currency.

The poll shows 76pc think Ireland should keep the euro as its currency, while 15pc want the country to leave and 9pc don't know.

Among Yes voters in the EU fiscal treaty referendum, a whopping 95pc want Ireland to stay in the euro.

High levels of support are also recorded among Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour Party voters.

Among those who want to ditch the euro, there are large levels of support from Sinn Fein voters, No voters and working class and unemployed people.

But the results clearly indicate Irish voters do not want to see the country leaving the euro.

According to James MacCarthy-Morrogh of Millward Browne Lansdowne: "The No vote itself appears to be divided on where Ireland's best interests lie in relation to both the treaty and the euro -- such divided thinking may make it more difficult to deliver a coherent bloc of No voters to defeat the referendum."

Irish Independent