Friday 23 February 2018

Big freeze gets capital out of sticky situation

Fiona Ellis

A combination of freezing temperatures, grit and sand has cleared chewing gum and other nasty stains from the streets of the capital.

The science behind the clean-up is the same as when you get chewing gum on your clothes -- you freeze the item overnight and the sticky stuff comes off easily.

"Chewing gum, by its nature, is elastic. The bonds break and reform and break and reform.

"But when you get low temperatures, the molecules become brittle and the chewing gum can be lifted off easily," said Lynn Scarff, education and outreach manager at the Science Gallery in Trinity College.

But Dublin City Council fears the gum will be back within weeks as people continue their bad habits. This year, the council has put aside €350,000 to remove gum from footpaths.

Irish Independent

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