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Big Apple breakfasters spared taste of grilled mutton kidneys

THERE were waltzing dancers in Edwardian costumes, actors loftily reading 'Ulysses' and free Joycean nosh on offer at the first ever 'Bloomsday Breakfast' in a New York City park.

Commuters and those living near Bryant Park in Manhattan were able to tuck into a breakfast to mark the international celebration of Irish author James Joyce's 'Ulysses'.

The fare on offer may have been slightly tamer than that of the central character Leopold Bloom's favourite dish of "grilled mutton kidneys" before his travails around Dublin city on a single day in 1904.

Musical performances and a selection of readings from the novel were staged.

There were also 100 copies of Ulysses donated to public libraries in New York City to mark the occasion.

Elsewhere, throughout the US cities of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington DC, Boston and Berkeley there were readings from the book.

The event was staged in New York by Culture Ireland and the Irish Arts Centre.

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