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Beyond call of duty: protestors out in force to push garda car

GARDAI conducting routine city centre traffic duties during a farm protest were left red-faced when their patrol car broke down – and giggling protestors had to push-start the vehicle.

The incident, which occurred last Saturday on Cork's grand parade, has become an internet hit after video footage of the hilarious reaction by protestors was posted online.

The patrol car, a 2007 Opel Vectra, stopped without warning in the middle of the road just 50 metres in front of the protest march. Desperate efforts by the garda driver to get the vehicle restarted failed.


The march, supported by about 100 people, was protesting against genetically modified food trials planned for Ireland.

As protestors reached the stranded patrol car, they realised the garda was having car trouble.

A dozen protestors, joined by a few pedestrians, immediately offered to help push the patrol car.

To giggles and laughter from other protestors, the patrol car was then energetically pushed about 40 metres down the road in a vain attempt to get it started.

"What a surprise lads ... where the people have to push the police," one protestor is captured on video chuckling. The vehicle later had to be towed.

Irish Independent