Tuesday 25 June 2019

Beware the pitfalls of social media

Rowan Manahan
Rowan Manahan
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It can be a wonderful knowledge tool, not to mention an enjoyable diversion, but social media has its drawbacks for those who overshare or fail to curb their anger.

Recruitment consultant Mairead Fleming advises job hunters not to post photos that portray themselves in an unflattering light and to stay clear of Facebook and Twitter when under the influence of alcohol. She also advises those currently in emplo-yment to ration their use of social media because incessant posts beg a pertinent question: Shouldn't you be working?

Career management advisor Rowan Manahan believes that it is important to consider the content and tone of what you're saying on social media. How do your tweets make you look to other people? Do you come across as overly negative and critical? Could any of your comments be construed as racist or misogynistic?

For those who have fallen foul of social media - an embarrasing photo going viral, for instance - all is not lost, Fleming and Manning insist. "Don't try to pretend it didn't happen," Fleming says. "Put your hand up and say 'I'm sorry, I've learned from it.'"

"Be honest," Manahan adds. "Say it was foolish and it won't happen again. We've all made mistakes."

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