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Sunday 22 September 2019

Beware the Geegaws

Beware the Geegaws

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A poem by Rita Ann Higgins

The 'no you cants'

stack up against you

they are devious enough,

not impish or puckish more vengeful

I'll put you in your place vibe -

offering you shiny things first.

Go on have a bauble

It won't burst your eardrum

doodad's don't give you trouble

It will just shine for you.

Shine on Shine on Harvest Moon…

You can swoon it back and forth

In front of your eyes and hypnotise yourself,

Go on take a geegaw you might get lucky

and get the ho ho ho inked on it.

Recall now that time your post office book

and your credit union book

were a safe house - that time is gone girl.

Yesterday had no visible dogmas

or cats Melakas, only clones of 'gone-befores'.

Telling you via ear worm

'No you cants, and other negatives

and knockatives.

Knock knock who's there?

Nobody obviously.

And God help us if you have a disability

and you win that car in the credit union draw

The quick draw you have been paying into

since the crab fenced with the octopus.

You can't have that car you just won

because you have a disability

It's in the rule book.

How would you drive it with your no legs?

It doesn't matter that you won it.

Invisible has no face, silly.

Take a bauble and go back in line.

Look at your shiny trinket .

Look out for the ho ho ho and go with it.

It's the value of you, the super value.

Listen to society and listen good.

Back to the guide book yo!

Note its colour is duck egg blue

with a fault line border frazzled and jittery.

How do we read disability

mental or physical?

What we tick in the empty box

is not always what we think in the full box.

Our gavel may not rest on walnut wood

still we use it oftener than we should.

We were taught by church and state

to leave 'imperfect' at the gate.

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