Friday 24 November 2017

Beware the foxes, hospital tells mums-to-be

Foxes have been spotted near the Rotunda Maternity Hospital
Foxes have been spotted near the Rotunda Maternity Hospital
Foxes have been spotted near the Rotunda Maternity Hospital
Emma Jane Hade

Emma Jane Hade

MUMS-TO-BE have been warned to steer clear of foxes on the grounds of one of the country's busiest maternity hospitals.

A family of foxes has been spotted on the grounds of the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, said Brian Gillen of the DSPCA.

Now he and other wildlife experts are warning people to take better care when disposing of food waste outside their properties following a surge in the number of urban foxes.

Patients at the Rotunda on Dublin's Parnell Square have been warned that a fox family had been seen "walking" and "playing" in the area.

It was reported that the signs were erected a couple of weeks ago as a measure to discourage people from engaging with the wild animal, and that no attack had actually taken place.

Mr Gillen said that there may be a number of reasons of why the animal has been appearing more frequently in urban areas, including access to food, their attraction to bone meal garden soil and the recent mild winter.

"Stay away from wildlife, they are wild animals, it'll be more in terror than anything else that they will attack you," he warned,

Mr Gillen said that the urban fox is a typically timid animal, and will only attack if they feel threatened.

"A fox will run off, they are a very nervous animal. But if you corner them, they will bite you," he added.

He said that he was encouraging the public to be more careful with food waste disposal, and to keep their distance.

"If you find fox cubs, just keep an eye on them as mum is not usually far away.

"Unless she has been injured or hit by a car, she is going to come back.

"If you come across cubs, just note where they are and maybe go back in a day's time and see are they still there."

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