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Bertiespeak: blasts from the past

"It took Ireland 30 years to become an overnight success."

Bertie Ahern speaking in the Dail.

"I never condemn wrongdoing in any area."

Mr Ahern responding to questions about his views on planning corruption.

"Management wanted to steal the assets for themselves through a management buyout, shafting staff interests."

Mr Ahern attacks the airline buyout plans of former Aer Lingus boss Willie Walsh and his fellow directors. He later apologised.

"They believe that a number of operations which took place during 2004, not just the Northern Bank Robbery, were the work of the PSNI and would have had the sanction of the Army Council and be known to the political leadership."

Mr Ahern was speaking about a security briefing he got in the wake of the Northern Bank Robbery. He meant to say the Provisional IRA.

"In actual fact the reason it's on the rise is because probably the boom times are getting even more boomer."

Mr Ahern last year on why higher inflation was a sign of a strengthening economy.

"I don't think it helps people to start throwing white elephants and red herring at each other."

Warning he used in Dail.

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"As long as we have a position - I won't move until you move - and won't do this until you do that - you'll never get anywhere.

Classic 'Bertie-speak'

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