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Being more realistic is the key to resolutions success


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THE bulk of New Year's resolutions are broken because people pick unrealistic targets that they are simply not prepared for.

Research has shown that just 14pc of those aged over 50 manage to achieve their resolutions over a full year.

Those under 30 have a better success rate of 39pc. However, 50pc of those who make New Year resolutions break them by June.

The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) has issued a special 'help list' for those determined to make their pledges last into 2015.

"Setting resolutions and goals is a New Year's tradition for many people.

"Some set goals that are unrealistic and unachievable, while others set goals that are not challenging enough for them to benefit from," a PSI spokesperson stressed.


The society urged people to choose resolutions that would benefit their mind. "Learning new things and a continuous curiosity keeps your brain working," it said.

The PSI also urged parents who were making a resolution to involve their children.

"Listen to what children have to say. Adults are inclined to think they know what's best for children but it is important that children are included in the decisions that involve them."

The top recommendations for successful resolutions are:

* Eat and sleep well as part of your resolution.

* Exercise not only benefits the body but the mind and spirit too.

* Pick a resolution linked to things you love doing.

* Don't be negative about your resolutions -- if you want to lose weight then don't engage in 'fat talk'.

* Achieve work-life balance.

* Try to involve volunteering in your resolution. It makes you feel good about yourself and helps others.

The full 40 tips on how to ensure your New Year's resolutions last the entire 12 months are available from http://www.psychologicalsociety.ie/psychology-matters-psi

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