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Behind this door the tragedy unfolded

IT is just as they had left it when they went to lunch that fateful day. Even the sign saying "Please make up the room" has remained untouched.

But yesterday, the white fingerprints were clearly visible on the door of the room where murder victim Michaela Harte and her new husband, John McAreavey, had stayed.

Guests strolled through Legends Hotel yesterday afternoon, basking in the sunshine on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

Many appeared unaware of the awful tragedy which had beset the luxury hotel less than a week ago.

The only evidence that something was wrong is the heavy security at the gates and throughout the hotel, as well as the police tape cordoning off room 1025.

Two of the men charged in connection with the murder of the 27-year-old had already returned to the scene of the horrific crime. They were brought from their police cells to the hotel on Thursday afternoon after they had made admissions of guilt and they took part in a reconstruction in the bedroom where the honeymooners had stayed.

A third man, who has been charged with murder, has not yet made any admission to police that he took part in the bungled robbery. If he does confess, he too will be brought to the hotel -- and to room 1025 -- to re-enact what happened last Monday afternoon.

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