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Tuesday 15 October 2019

Battle of An Daingean comes to an end for Dingle dwellers

Majella O'Sullivan

After six years and four months to the day, a town has won its battle to have their hometown's name changed back to what it had been for generations -- Dingle.

And although President Mary McAleese, with the stroke of a pen, will now reinstate the town's name, the victors were happy to accept they had achieved their aim and forego fanfare or gloating.

Former Gaeltacht minister Eamon O Cuiv had previously changed the name to 'An Daingean'.

Yesterday, visitors to the tourist hotspot were unaware of the controversy surrounding its name or that it was anything else but Dingle.

"It's Dingle, isn't it," said one visitor from Missouri. "I think it has a Gaelic name but I don't know what it is."

Publican Fergus O'Flaherty has decorated the walls of O'Flaherty's with newspaper cuttings, illustrating their struggle.

"We're very relieved and satisfied. It was a slow process but we pulled it off in the end because we had the support of 90pc of the people in the town," Mr O'Flaherty told the Irish Independent.

"Our thinking all the time was 'an rud nach bhfuil briste ni ga e a dheisiu' (if it's not broken don't fix it)."

Mr O Cuiv changed the official name of the town to 'An Daingean' in 2005 in the Placenames Order under the Official Languages Act.

Now, the National Roads Authority (NRA) and Kerry County Council have the costly job of changing the road signs.

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