Sunday 19 January 2020

Barack Obama brings cousin Henry from Moneygall to White House for Patrick's Day

Henry Healy pictured with Barack Obama during the President's visit to Ireland
Henry Healy pictured with Barack Obama during the President's visit to Ireland
Henry Healy with the €50 note that the President Obama used to pay for a round of drinks in Ollie Hayes bar in Moneygall
Henry Healy and Canon Stephen Neill with their tickets for the visit of Barack Obama to Moneygall in May last year
Henry Healy at the ancestral home of Obama in Moneygall
Henry Healy and Nualla Hayes, who also claims to be distant relative of the President, celebrate at an election night party in honour of Obama in Ollie Hayes' pub in Moneygall in November 2008 reporters

HENRY Healy went to great trouble to get his long lost cousin Barack Obama to Ireland last year, and he clearly made an impression, as he’s going to Washington at the personal invitation of the President.

Healy tweeted today: ‘Today I received an invitation to the White House for St Patricks! #happyfriday’

Henry and his uncle Ollie Hayes, who owns the pub where Obama had his famous pint of Guinness, had already booked their flights as they were heading to the Patrick’s Day parade in New York, and will now make a detour down to Washington after being told by the American Embassy that they are on the guest list for the White House celebrations.

“The email arrived last night and when I replied to say we were booked on flights already, the guy just replied :Awesome,’” Healy told a reporter.

However it’s emerged that Healy almost had to cancel his trip, after being called for jury duty on March 20th . However he wrote to the court authorities explaining he would be in America with his cousin the President of the United States on the date he was due to attend at Tullamore court, so has been excused from court.

The women of Moneygall had better check their diaries though, 27-year –old Healy who is single has been invited with a guest to the White House.

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