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Banned bird glue traps trade smashed

AN illegal trade in 'glue traps' for birds and rodents has been exposed by Department of the Environment inspectors.

Wildlife inspectors have nabbed a company bringing in the traps which are banned here. They are also being sold on the internet.

The glue traps are used to trap a variety of birds and rats.

A large quantity of unapproved glue was seized at Dublin Port recently by the inspectors attached to the National Parks and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Environment.

Prosecutions are being prepared against a number of individuals.

A company caught importing the glue traps has agreed to recall them.

Environment Minister Dick Roche yesterday expressed his concern at the availability of glue traps being sold for trapping birds and rodents.

"I believe that many retailers and members of the public may be unaware that to sell or to possess an unauthorised trap is an offence under Irish law.

"My department is actively pursuing the sale of these illegal traps and glues. Prosecutions have been and will be taken where breaches of the law are detected," Mr Roche told reporters.