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Bankrupt builder McFeely given week to pay creditor or face three months in jail

THE DEVELOPER behind the controversial Priory Hall apartment block, Tom McFeely, has been given a week to pay over €24,000 back to a creditor or face up to three months in jail.

He is appealing a High Court order to jail him for failing to fix fire safety defects at the apartment complex in Dublin’s Donaghmede.

Mr McFeely was declared bankrupt in a London court last week.

He had been summonsed to appear at Dublin District Court for failing to pay €24,288 for services obtained from MCR Personnel Ltd, a construction industry recruitment firm.

However, he did not show up and the case was dealt with in his absence.

Last year, Circuit Court judgement were made against Mr McFeely and he was ordered to pay about €34,000 for services he had obtained from MCR Personnel Ltd, trading as MCR Group.

He subsequently paid €10,000 to the recruitment company.

Later, two cheques bounced and in November the creditor applied to Dublin District Court to summons Mr McFeely and to make an instalment order against him to compel him to clear the remaining balance which amounted to €24,288.