Tuesday 20 March 2018

Banker 'upset' about sex tale


A senior banker had to tell his family last week that a vicious and unfounded rumour that he was filmed having sex on CCTV was sweeping the banking industry.

The top banker, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is said to be "upset and frustrated" at the unsubstantiated gossip which claims that he was caught by a member of security staff at a bank premises having sex with a married female colleague.

Both of them are named in the unfounded stories which have been doing the rounds and gaining momentum in the Irish financial world.

The vicious rumours began two weeks ago and have since become linked to the banker and a female employee.

"He is extremely upset and distressed that his name had been linked with this story. It is an urban myth that has been doing the rounds and unfortunately spread like wild fire" said a source at the bank.

"But there is no truth to the rumours, there is no CCTV footage, there is no investigation being carried out and no security guard has come forward to say he that anything untoward happened on the premises" said one official.

"It's just an unfortunate situation for the people who have been linked to this story.

"His family understand that this is a rumour and have told him not to worry. They know it's ridiculous and how they things can grow legs. It's just unfortunate his name had to be linked to it."

The bank has been contacted by a number of media outlets in the past week about the story and is denying emphatically that it has any record of such an incident having taken place.

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