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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Badger lets his hair down again with pal Rosie

Johnny and Rosanna meet for drinks in Ritz Carlton


The rich are different, as Scott Fitzgerald once said. And Johnny Ronan, the joint boss of Treasury Holdings with Richard Barrett, is certainly different from most of us.

In March of this year, Ronan stood down very publicly from his role at Treasury Holdings after the storm of adverse publicity relating to his trip to Marrakesh on a private jet with former Miss World Rosanna Davison and a friend.

The pair had apparently decided to go to Morocco on a whim after a few drinks in the Ritz Carlton in Powerscourt. And there they were last Wednesday, together in the bar of the very same hotel.

The flamboyant multi-millionaire property magnate and the stunning Irish supermodel arrived at 6.45 pm. She was drinking champagne and he was on the fine red wine.

She was wearing a navy blue blazer; he wasn't wearing his famous hair tied up in a bun; it was long and loose.

They stayed in the bar area of the hotel, which is part of his property portfolio, until 9.15pm when they left. He left in his chauffeur-driven car, which had been waiting outside for him the whole time.

She looked stunning in the flesh and he looked very cool, with his hair down and having lost lots of weight.

When contacted yesterday about the drinks in the Ritz Carlton with Ronan on Wednesday night, Rosanna texted: "I'm at a birthday lunch now. Have a nice weekend."

Rosanna didn't go along to the swish opening of Treasury Holdings Convention Centre on Spencer Dock in Dublin on Tuesday night.

I thought that after their previous jaunt by private jet to Morocco and all that, she would have been there to offer Ronan moral support. But no.

"I went to the Miss Ireland launch at Bucks New Townhouse," Rosanna told me last Wednesday afternoon.

"Did you text him good luck?"

"No!" she replied.

"Why not? I thought you and Johnny were old friends since the trip to Morocco?"

"Very funny," Rosanna tut-tutted.

She texted me later that afternoon to say: "I broke my wrist. Just got it put in a cast. Slipped on a friend's wet floor and bent my wrist back.

"If it was going to happen, I'm glad it didn't happen at the Convention Centre."

Oh, I don't know. I'm sure gentleman Johnny would have whisked her off by private air ambulance to the nearest available hospital to give the beauty queen the urgent medical care she needed.

Ronan is believed to in Ibiza this weekend with some of his pals, former Renards owner Robbie Fox and Abrakebabra founder Graham Beere among them.

Robbie Fox didn't respond to texts or calls.

One of the biggest developers in Ireland, Treasury Holdings has good loans like Central Park in Sandyford with tenants like Vodafone paying €8m in rent every year, and toxic loans like Battersea Power Station where Ronan and company owes €1bn.

Nama has taken the good, the bad and the ugly.

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