Friday 23 March 2018

Back to square one due to rising cost of living


Butcher Cormac Hayes lives at home but is still feeling the economic squeeze
Butcher Cormac Hayes lives at home but is still feeling the economic squeeze


A YOUNG butcher who moved back home due to rising rent prices said that he's beginning to feel the crunch again in spite of the move.

Cormac Hayes (24, pictured), from rural Co Limerick, moved out of his mother's house when he was 18, but returned when he was 22 due to the rising bills he faced from living in his own home.

While he initially saw an improvement in his finances upon returning home, he said is beginning to struggle all over again.

Mr Hayes told the Irish Independent: "You have to take into account that you're driving a car. You've tax on that car, you've the NCT, you've insurance, you've the insurance levy and everything like that.

"Then you've your health insurance, and there's more money being taken from your wages. It's starting to make a bit of a morbid toll, whether you're staying at home or not."

Mr Hayes now lives alone with his retired mother as his father died from lung cancer when he was just 14.

He said that he is less concerned with how a move back to the countryside has affected his social life, and more with his mother's welfare.

"I'm the only one out of seven children living at home now. I wouldn't leave my mother on her own, just in case anything happened.

"I would feel uncomfortable leaving her on her own because the local garda station has closed down, and so it's not easy for people who are living in isolated areas, it's hard for them to feel safe."

However, Mr Hayes is planning to take up a training course which he hopes will teach him how to start his own business.

"I'd like to open by own butcher in the next few years, depending on the economic climate, but it's just very hard to see any sort of improvement from where I am at the minute."

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