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Sunday 18 February 2018

Baby boy 'clinging to life' after car crash

Joyce Fegan and Conor Feehan

A THREE-month-old baby boy who received head injuries after a car crash in a Finglas housing estate was said by relatives today to be clinging to life.

Patrick Maughan was a passenger in his mum Theresa’s car, along with his three-year-old brother, when they collided with another vehicle on Saturday afternoon.

His grandfather, Martin Maughan, today told the Herald that doctors have told the family that little Patrick is only being kept alive by a ventilator.

“They will be taking him off the machines today,” he said.

"We are all at Temple Street hospital at the moment," he added.

Patrick had been in intensive care in a coma with bleeding to the brain since Saturday.

“He hadn’t even been Christened and he had to be baptised in hospital on Saturday in case anything happened,” explained Mr Maughan.

Mr Maughan went down to look at the crash site yesterday with his wife, Anne, to see for themselves what exactly had happened.

“We thought we’d see glass and everything, but nothing,” he said.

Baby Patrick was rushed to hospital as gardai sealed off the scene for investigation. Neither his mother nor his older brother were injured in the collision.

His father, Peter Maughan (27), who lives nearby and was not with his family at the time of the crash, was told that a young family had been involved in a collision at Hampton Wood Green.

“An acquaintance rang him and he went straight down to the scene and started recognis¬ing parts of the car.

“Then the gardai who were examining it brought him to the hospital,” explained his father Martin.

The baby’s parents have two children together.

The tragedy is the second crisis to beset the family in a fortnight.

Patrick Maughan had just arrived home from London, where his daughter began haemorrhaging while giving birth to her first child.

“To come back from that to this, it’s just heart-breaking,” said the father of 10.

Residents in the busy housing estate, who witnessed the two-car collision, said that they heard a loud bang and went outside to see what had happened.

“I was in my kitchen when I heard this loud bang.

“I didn’t know what it was,” said one resident whose home is about 200 metres from the scene.

“There are so many kids playing out here, it gets busy with cars,” she added.

Another resident, who saw the crash happening, said: “It was very serious, gardai sealed it off and they were here for a few hours and drew out on the road where the cars were.

“Every day, children come out to play on the green and the road and there is lots of traffic,” he added.

Gardai in Finglas are appealing for witnesses to the crash to contact them.

A story carried in today’s Irish Independent and The Herald reported that three months old Patrick Maughan had died after a road accident at Hampton Wood Green, Finglas. In fact, the baby was still lying critically injured in a coma in hospital  earlier today. We apologise sincerely to the family of the injured child for the erroneous report which was based on information received.

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