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Monday 16 December 2019

Baby born in beauty shop as mum goes into labour while working

Elaine Keogh

JUST like in the movies, there were shouts for 'towels' and 'hot water' as baby Paige decided to arrive early and catch her working mum by surprise.

But she chose a fine place to be born as mum Dawn Kierans works in a hair and beauty supply shop full of clean towels and even a new pair of scissors so her father could cut the umbilical cord.

"The labour lasted just 29 minutes," said Dawn as she cuddled her third daughter. She was at work in Deegan's Hair and Beauty shop in Drogheda and had not expected to have her baby until next month.

But Paige had other ideas and made a very fast arrival.

"I was in the shop and labour just started. There were no niggly pains or twinges, it was full-on labour with contractions."

Dawn's father Tony dropped into the shop to see her just as the contractions began.

She told him to go and get her hospital bag as her partner, Mal Britton, wasn't at home.

It quickly became clear Tony didn't have time to get her bag and instead he talked with hospital staff by phone as the baby made rapid progress.

Dawn's friend Caroline Lynch, who is herself pregnant and had called into the shop to see how she was, assisted with the delivery. "Caroline was brilliant and Mal came in the door as she was born. The cord was around her neck and he asked for a scissors to cut it," said Dawn.

Dawn's partner Mal said: "I was literally in the door and I laughed and said, 'come on, Dawn, I will bring you to the hospital'. Next thing I saw her on the floor. The baby let out a wee cry and we knew she was grand."

Paige was born on Monday morning and she was discharged from hospital on Thursday. Both mum and baby are healthy and delighted to be home.

"It was probably one of the best places outside the hospital to have her, really," laughed Dawn.

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