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Sunday 17 December 2017

Babies born at Portlaoise Hospital who later died in similar circumstances

* 2006 – Baby Katelyn died of oxygen deprivation shortly after being born to Sharon and Thomas McCarthy.

They remained unaware that a report was carried out into their baby's death and only learned the truth in recent weeks after the case of "baby X" was highlighted on the 'Prime Time' programme.

Sharon spoke of how she and her husband sought answers from the hospital over the years with little success, even after engaging a solicitor.

* July 2008 – Baby Nathan Molyneaux was born suffering from oxygen deprivation. He was transferred to the Coombe Hospital in Dublin with his mother Natasha, from Tullamore, Co Offaly. He died when he was six days old.

A coroner's inquest two years later heard there were temporary drops in the foetal heart rate during the first stage of labour and a difficult delivery.

There was no evidence of any pre-existing abnormality of the brain or heart to explain the baby's condition at birth.

* October 28, 2009 – Baby Joshua Keyes died an hour after birth from oxygen deprivation.

An inquest was told his mother Shauna Keyes, from Tullamore in Co Offaly, was given the drug syntocinon to speed up labour despite a reading showing foetal distress. A caesarean section was also delayed.

* January 2012 – Baby Mark Molloy died shortly after birth.

His mother Roisin Molloy, from Kilcavan, Co Offaly, was also given syntocinon even though the baby was in foetal distress.

An inquest later heard how when he was born his heart rate was very faint and he died 22 minutes later.

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