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Autism Ireland's website hacked by 'ISIS'


The website of Irish Autism Action has been hacked by people claiming to be part of terror group ISIS.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted the change and posted it to the site.

The homepage of AustismIreland.ie this morning showed a photograph of a soldier with their face covered, alongside the words


"Hacked By Moroccanwolf and ABdellah elmaghribi ~ Moroccan Attacker ~ I love IS".

Speaking to Independent.ie, CEO of Irish Autism Action, Kevin Whelan, said the charity are "relieved to have gotten it resolved so quickly".

He confirmed that the hack "appears to have happened to a number of sites" and was not directed at the charity in particular.

"I don't know is it a prank or what".

The hacking came at a bad time for the charity, and appeared on-site for around six hours before being successfully removed. Users were unable to access the homepage of the website for those six hours, although the rest of the site was available through Google search.

"Primetime had a show last night about people claiming they had cures for autism.. so we've been very focused on dealing with our membership around that. It's very alarming that this happened at the same time".

On the thread, a user claiming to be an IT security professional addressed some potential concerns from his experience.

'Paul' described the change as "scaremongering propanganda" and reassured users that their information was, most likely, safe.

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"This was a website not a web application. Even if Autism Ireland has your personal details on file, it wasn't connected to this site. It's purely informational".

"In real world terms, if you think about a web application being like a shop, and a website being like a poster advertising a shop, you'll have the general idea. This website was (just) a poster".

'Paul' also believes the attack was similar to that of the DRCC, in that it was more about opportunity than malice against the charity.

"They probably just scanned all the websites they could possibly find to see which ones were temporarily vulnerable... in order to 'hack' as many websites as they could while the window of opportunity was open".

The Dublin Rape Crisis Center were part of a worldwide hack while affected users of a Wordpress plugin which became vulnerable.

Autism Ireland has been contacted for comment.

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