Monday 23 October 2017

Authority refused to let youth live with mother

Eilish O'Regan

Eilish O'Regan

A YOUTH who has been in state care was refused the right to live with his mother by a local authority because he would overcrowd the family home.

The case, revealed by Ombudsman for Children Emily Logan, highlighted the lack of awareness by bureaucratic decision-makers about the impact their actions have on children and families.

Ms Logan said although the 17-year-old had been discharged by a court on condition that he live with his mother, the local authority refused him permission because her home was too small.

"The child lived with his mother and sister despite this refusal and as a result of not having a bedroom of his own and sleeping on the floor he developed a health complication which required hospital treatment," she said in her annual report.

The case was one of 1,465 complaints dealt with by her office last year, the majority of which relate to education (43pc) and health (39pc).

Other complaints included:

* Children being left without mental-health services because local health offices squabbled over whose area they were in.

* Children who doctors said could return home being forced to remain in hospital because the HSE could not provide home care support.

Educational complaints related to the manner in which schools handled allegations of inappropriate professional conduct. They also involved the way in which the school dealt with bullying of a child by their peers, expulsion, suspension and enrolment.

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