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Authority fails to see funny side of the road

THE National Roads Authority has suffered a sense of humour failure over an ad for a food supplement, which it said could be commercially damaging to M50 toll revenues.

The NRA claimed that the ad for Seven Seas glucosamine capsules, which said traffic on the M50 was "bumper to bumper", could lead drivers to avoid the motorway.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland dismissed the complaint.

The radio advert imitated a traffic report, warning drivers of awful traffic on the M50, a roundabout and the Jack Lynch Tunnel in Cork. It then praised Seven Seas gradual-release glucosamine and commented: "If only everything moved as well."

The NRA alleged that this could lead drivers to avoid the M50. However, the advertisers said the ads were humorous and the ASAI agreed, saying they were not likely to mislead consumers.

A complaint that ads for Zurich Lady Star Insurance were offensive and sexist was also rejected by the ASAI.

The complainant had said: "The advertisers portrayed women drivers as fools, who were only interested in their handbags and high heels."

The ads referred to the car insurance providing 24-hour roadside assistance and handbag cover because: "Ladies do five-inch heels but they don't do five-mile hikes in the rain."

Irish Independent