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Sunday 17 November 2019

Australian bouncer avoids jail after assaulting Irishman and leaving him with spinal fractures

Bundaberg Courthouse (Image: Google maps)
Bundaberg Courthouse (Image: Google maps) Newsdesk Newsdesk

A former hotel security officer in Australia has avoided jail after pleading guilty to an assault which left an Irishman with injuries to his spine and a fractured eye socket.

Christin 'Papa' Anderson (35), who was working at the Central Hotel in Bundaberg as a security officer, admitted assaulting Irishman Bobby Smith on October 25, 2014, causing bodily harm when in company.

However, handing down a suspended 18-month sentence Bundaberg Courthouse judge Terry Martin SC found that Anderson’s behaviour was out of character.

The victim was forcibly taken to the ground and fallen against a car. His injuries included a fracture to his right eye and fractures to his lumbar spine area.

The court earlier heard that he was refused entry to the hotel because he had no ID on him at the time and when leaving the area to go to a McDonalds he "slapped" a red car belonging to the bouncer, causing no damage to the vehicle.

The bouncer’s lawyer said that "he had been provoked and reacted spontaneously in the context of being exhausted by working three jobs, and it was an over-reaction to his provocative conduct".

Two other employees of the hotel did not receive criminal convictions for their part in the incident which involved chasing Mr Smith down and bringing him onto the road. They pleaded guilty to the same charge and were both ordered to pay fines.

Speaking briefly outside the court, Mr Smith – who now lives in Sydney – said he was very relieved that the men pleaded guilty to the charges.

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