Friday 20 September 2019

Auditors don't want to touch FAI for 'reputational' reasons: Mulvey

Kieran Mulvey Photo: Tony Gavin
Kieran Mulvey Photo: Tony Gavin

The chairman of Sport Ireland has said no auditing firm wants to help it in examining the finances of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) for "reputational" reasons.

Kieran Mulvey said Sport Ireland hoped to meet the FAI again later this week.

Speaking on 'Marian Finucane' on RTÉ Radio One, he said his organisation was having difficulty getting auditors to help it review the FAI's accounts.

"We put out a procurement for auditors to assist us in the exercise in reviewing the finances of the FAI. We got no response from any firm of auditors in the country. Now isn't that saying something?" he asked.

"As I said the other day in the Oireachtas, who audits the auditors?

"At this stage, I'd say most reputable firms - and they're all reputable, I've no reason to think otherwise - don't want to put themselves into this scenario for reputational and other reasons," added Mr Mulvey.

He said the continuous drip feeding of information from the FAI was a source of difficulty for those who were trying to reform the association.

However, Mr Mulvey said he believed the FAI was now coming clean with Sport Ireland.

"I think they're beginning to come clean with us, but I don't think they know themselves fully the nature of the transactions that have taken place in the FAI in the last four or five years, I think that's the difficulty," he added.

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