Monday 23 October 2017

Attack puts life in perspective, says Irish 'Dark Knight' actor

Barry Duggan

AN Irish actor, who has a role in the new Batman film, said the gun attack, which claimed the lives of 12 people and left 71 wounded at a US film premiere, puts life into perspective and should be remembered by all who go to see the movie.

Kevin Kiely, 26, from Limerick city, plays a Gotham City thug in The Dark Knight Rises, which stars Christian Bale. After Friday's gun attack in Colorado, Mr Kiely said it was a very sad day for all connected with the film which is expected to be one of Hollywood's biggest earners.

He said the film's release has been completely overshadowed by the atrocity.

"For what my condolences are worth, I send them to the people and the families of those affected. It is not nice to hear anybody being injured in the hunt for entertainment really," Mr Kiely said.

"What we do is put on costumes and we have a very nice job when we are working. It is entertainment. It is for people to have some release from their lives -- but for people to go and then have their lives cut short in such a way... it is worth thinking about. It puts things in perspective.

"I hope that anyone that is going is able to enjoy the film -- and that they spare a thought for the people in Denver," Mr Kiely added.

The Dark Knight Rises is Mr Kiely's breakthrough film where he stars alongside A-list names. His total time on screen in the film is about six minutes and for the three weeks he filmed in London last year, he was sleeping on a friend's floor while also working part-time giving out leaflets for a barber's shop in St Paul's Square.

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