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Attack on doctor

GARDAI are hunting for two men who attacked a doctor's car as he tended to a patient.

The doctor, working for a 24-hour service, responded to a call in the Drumcairn area of Tallaght, Co Dublin, at around 1am on Sunday. His car was targeted shortly after he arrived. Two men smashed the window of the car with a golf club, assaulted the driver and made off with the doctor's medical bag.

ALMOST a quarter of engaged couples say they plan to spend up to €20,000 on getting hitched.

A survey of 1,700 brides-to-be by weddingsonline.ie found 24pc would spend between €15,000 and €20,000 on their wedding.


A COURTHOUSE has been closed temporarily because a flaking ceiling is considered too dangerous.

The Courts Service said the condition of the ceiling in Westport Courthouse represents "a serious health and safety risk". Business has been adjourned temporarily to Castlebar until October.


THE ordination of Roscommon native Fr Ray Browne (61) as the new Bishop of Kerry is to take place in St Mary's Cathedral in Killarney on July 21.

Fr Browne is originally from Magazine Road, in Athlone, and was ordained in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in 1982. He has been parish priest of Kilgefin, Roscommon, for the past five years.


IT takes an average of five minutes and 25 seconds to find parking in Dublin. In London, you could be looking for a space for up to 20 minutes, 40 seconds, while in Manchester it averages 15 minutes, 30 seconds, with Bristol clocking up 13 minutes and 15 seconds.

The overall average length of time was six minutes and 45 seconds, according to a survey by ParkatmyHouse, an online parking marketplace, which lets people rent out their private parking spaces.


THE army bomb disposal team was called to the laboratory of a girls' secondary school to deal with a chemical that had become unstable.

The chemical, dinitrophenylhydrazine, was in the laboratory of Loreto College, Balbriggan, Co Dublin. A number of units arrived at 6.20pm yesterday and removed the unstable chemical. It was taken to a military installation where it was made safe through the use of a controlled explosion.

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