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Asylum seekers down 28pc

ONE in eight sets of fingerprints taken from asylum seekers here last year showed they had already applied for refugee status in another EU state.

The authorities here sent a total of 1,515 sets to the EU to establish if the applicants were already in the process in other countries and 208 turned up positive "hits".

The figures were revealed yesterday in the annual report of the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner, David Costello.

Mr Costello reported that the 2010 total of 1,939 applications for refugee status dropped by 28pc on the previous year.

He said significant progress continued to be made in processing applications during the year and 2,192 cases had been finalised. At the end of the year, there were some 541 cases on hand, 67 of which had been in the system for more than six months.

Irish Independent