Wednesday 25 April 2018

Assessing students for exams is 'unfair'

John Walshe

SECONDARY school teachers do not want to assess their own students for exam purposes.

Former ASTI president Susie Hall yesterday said everything else can be corrupted, except the state examination system.

"We are all that stands between the pupils and a 'clientist' system of examinations," she said.

She asked what would happen if such teacher assessments were introduced. "What if I had a student who has had a wretched miserable life -- how would I behave? We have a fair system and we would abandon our students if we changed it," she said.

The delegates also expressed scepticism over proposed changes to the Junior Certificate.

"I am paying off the gambling debts of Fianna Fail and its friends. I do not welcome any reform of the Junior Certificate while we are engaged in a work-to-rule. We know what reform means -- it means more work for no more pay," said Waterford teacher Paddy Clancy.

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