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Assassin begged judge not to jail arsonist son

FOUR years ago, Rose Lynch pleaded with a judge to show leniency to her then 23-year-old son, who had admitted carrying out an arson attack on a nightclub in co Limerick.

She told Limerick circuit criminal court in May 2009 that she had begged her son, Joseph Barden, not to return to Limerick from the UK.

She said her son spent three-and-a-half years in college in London without ever getting into trouble and she advised him not to come back.

Lynch said her son was only back a few months prior to the arson attack on Fireworks nightclub in Newcastlewest in October 2008 and had met "some of the wrong people".

Judge Carroll Moran said he accepted that Barden and a 15-year-old co-accused had been induced by other people to commit the crime of arson but pointed out that arson was "about as serious as it gets".

Barden was jailed for three years and the 15-year-old sentenced to three years' detention at Oberstown House in Lusk, Co Dublin.

Irish Independent