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As pledge portal opens for offers of accommodation, here’s how you can help house Ukrainians fleeing the invasion to Ireland


Ukrainian refugees cross the Vysne Nemecke border in Slovakia. Credit: Getty Images

Ukrainian refugees cross the Vysne Nemecke border in Slovakia. Credit: Getty Images

Ukrainian refugees cross the Vysne Nemecke border in Slovakia. Credit: Getty Images

The Government has set up an online portal in conjunction with the Irish Red Cross for people willing to provide accommodation for Ukrainian refugees.

The portal allows people to register their interest, both a spare room and any vacant accommodation they might have.

Here is how the system works and how Irish people can step forward to help accommodate people fleeing the Russian invasion.

Where do I register to accommodate Ukrainian refugees?

Go on to IrishRedCross.ie and search for the register of pledges which can be found at https://registerofpledges.redcross.ie

What happens after I register?

An operator from the Irish Red Cross will arrange to meet you at your property for further details and for a brief assessment. If successful, your offer will be passed on to caseworkers.

They then try to match the property to a suitable person arriving into Ireland under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme.

What kind of information will they need?

They will ask some standard questions about the property. Is it a "standalone" house? Where is the house? Is there access to public transport? Is there a family living in the house?

They normally look for a private room that is of a reasonable size.

Do Ukrainian people get any say regarding where they live?

When matching pledges, the Irish Red Cross considers the best interests of hosts and their communities, and the best interests of the people seeking accommodation.

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If a successful match is made, the charity’s Migration Team will support both the person providing the accommodation and the refugees.

How long should I expect to host those I have pledged to accommodate?

A commitment of six months to a year will be sought. However, in the current environment the Red Cross says many Ukrainians want to come for a shorter period and then go back home.

Who covers the cost?

Pledges can be offered on a charitable basis, however there are times when the Red Cross "steps in" if households need to be supported. In this situation, it says that will be shared between the Government and the Irish Red Cross.

Can I contact the Red Cross after I have accommodated people?

During, and immediately following the move, the Red Cross caseworker will be quite hands-on for the first few days, setting up social welfare entitlements, GP and dentist visits, education enrolment and potential employment in the local areas.

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The caseworker will be in weekly contact after this and will examine any other necessary support needed.

What does the term ‘standalone pledge’ mean?

A standalone pledge is where you pledge a house, or you pledge an apartment. A refugee family will typically live there by themselves.

What is a shared pledge?

A shared pledge is where there is one room available, preferably with an en-suite bathroom, and you are offering it for a period of time. In this case, you are inviting people to your home.

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